Environmental Policy

Boss Wipers Ltd is engaged in retail sales of industrial wiping, cleaning & polishing cloths that are produced from reprocessed or recycled textiles and fibres that would otherwise be destined for landfill sites.

In an environmentally responsible manner, we recognise that our supply chain, whilst generally reducing the amount of waste textile going to landfill, has an impact on the environment by way of emissions and by the generation of a waste byproduct. We are committed to minimising this impact by monitoring our suppliers’ performance with regards to waste streams, recycling, utility usage and transportation efficiency.

All our recycled textile wipers are press packed in special biodegradable polythene with a practical carrying handle. This makes for efficient, watertight and secure transport and storage. Just in case our packaging is not responsibly recycled and finds its way to landfill, it has been treated with an additive that biodegrades it in a couple of years rather than centuries.