Why us?

Because we understand that you need to buy with confidence, you need to know that the product you order is going to do what we say it does and be of a consistently high quality.

Because you want to be sure you’re getting value for money.

Because of your commitment to achieving continual improvement of your Environmental Management System.

Because we are UK based, employing UK talent and we are recycling product that would otherwise end up in UK landfill sites.

Because our production capacity and raw material stocks make us flexible and consistent. We have nearly two centuries of recycling experience in our team and through our partners, we’ve been supplying the automotive, engineering, printing, coatings and janitorial industries for nearly fifty years.

Because whether it’s a soft lint-free wiper that’s great for polishing, a back-pocket rag for wiping down your hands and tools or a super absorbent towel cloth for wiping up the heaviest of spills, we will have the product for you.

Because we understand that you want to feel special like you are our favourite customer and that nothing is too much trouble for us.

Well we can promise you all of the above, because here at Boss we are family run team passionate about recycling, quality, and providing great service. If you’re happy – we’re happy! In fact, the only reason we charge for our product is so we can do it all again tomorrow.